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Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) is a Fortune 500 aerospace, defense, security, and sporting company and a main supplier of aerospace and defense products including munitions, smart weapons, propulsion and composite structures.

ATK focuses its unique suite of advanced engineering capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of a diverse range of existing products and platforms, develop cost-effective new solutions for customers; and expand their role as a systems-level prime contractor and integrator. In short, ATK is innovation delivered.

ATK was launched as an independent company in 1990, when Honeywell spun off its defense businesses to shareholders. The former Honeywell businesses had supplied defense products and systems to the U.S. and its allies for 50 years, including the first electronic autopilot that enabled B-17 aircraft to accomplish pinpoint bombing missions during World War II. ATK expanded into the aerospace market with the acquisitions of Hercules Aerospace Company in 1995 and Thiokol Propulsion in 2001, which transformed the company into the world’s largest supplier of solid propellant rocket motors and a leading provider of high-performance composite structures.

Currently, ATK has four main business sectors:

ATK Aerospace Systems
ATK Aerospace Systems is the world’s top producer of solid rocket propulsion systems and a leading supplier of military and commercial aircraft structures. It also specializes in small and micro-satellites; satellite components and subsystems; lightweight space deployables and solar arrays; and low-cost, quick to market, launch solutions; flares and decoys; and energetic materials and related technologies. The group also has extensive experience supporting human and space payload missions.

ATK Armament Systems
ATK Armament Systems is the world’s largest manufacturer of military ammunition and integrated medium-caliber gun systems. It is also a leader in affordable precision weapons technology and advanced propellant and energetics. The group operates the ATK Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Missouri, where it has the capacity to produce 1.4 billion rounds of small-caliber ammunition annually. It also operates the Radford Army Ammunition Plant in Radford, Virginia, where it produces rocket and gun propellants and other energetics materials.

ATK Missile Products
ATK Missile Products is a leader in strike weapons and missile components, as well as hypervelocity and air-breathing propulsion systems. Other major products and programs include aircraft sensor integration, missile warning systems, control systems, and advanced technologies for military, space, strategic, and tactical applications. The group operates ATK’s Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Rocket Center, West Virginia.

ATK Security and Sporting
ATK Security and Sporting is a leading technology developer and supplier of ammunition for law enforcement, military and sporting applications; a manufacturer of optics, reloading gear and sport shooting accessories; and a leading producer of tactical accessories. The company serves sport shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, military and tactical markets worldwide. The group’s products include some of the most widely known and respected brands in the industry, including Federal Premium, CCI, Speer, RCBS, Alliant Powder, Champion, Weaver, Eagle Industries, and Blackhawk! Industries.


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