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Eaton is a global technology leader in diversified power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, effectively, safely and sustainably.

When it comes to aerospace, Eaton’s experience is deep and wide-ranging. Recognized for their leadership in fluid power, electrical distribution and control, and sensor components and systems, they help their clients achieve many critical goals, including improved fuel economy, aircraft safety and reliability.

Eaton’s aerospace products fall into the following categories:

Cockpit Interface and Circuit Protection
An all-encompassing array of cockpit interface and circuit protection options, engineered to meet every customers’ requirements worldwide.

Fuel Systems
Eaton’s aerospace portfolio includes fuel pumps, valves, sensors, and accessories, as well as all the components to build fuel conveyance and delivery sub-systems from the tank to the engine.

Hydraulic Systems
Eaton is the leading global supplier of hydraulic power generation and fluid distribution components and systems.

Motion Control
With a broad range of proven and highly reliable components and systems for a variety of aerospace and marine applications around the world, Eaton delivers for customers who are looking for more optimized systems with less weight, greater performance and more reliability.

Propulsion Sub-Systems and Air Distribution
Time after time, Eaton’s premier components, assemblies and sub-systems consistently deliver the highest performance, reliability, durability and best total value required by their global customers.


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